Conscious Branding

Our Conscious Branding process will uncover and harness your higher purpose as a business, and communicate it in a way that supports long-term growth, by positively engaging and serving the needs and desires of people. It’s a mindful approach to branding, which seeks to remove the perceived gap between business and brand, and position businesses to lead the future.

We live in a time where we have never been more connected, inspired and empowered. But we have enormous issues facing us as a society. Decades of prioritising profit has left us valuing wealth, social status and conformity – the very things that impede change. The world needs more purpose-driven businesses and values-led leaders to step up, innovate and drive change. Building a Conscious Brand is about engaging and nurturing the intrinsic values in people that will support lasting positive change – for your people, your customers, your business, and your world. It’s better business on purpose – and it’s the way of the future.

Who is Conscious Branding for?

Conscious Branding is for anyone who wants to build their company based on strong values and have a positive impact.

Companies who are embarking on this new paradigm for business need the support of partners who hold the same beliefs and values, and who have the knowledge and understanding to represent their business in an accurate, positive, and valuable way.

What problems can it solve?

The Conscious Branding process turns ambiguity into clarity, ideas into actualisations and disorder into stability.

It delivers an operable framework for shared-value communications, and nurtures values-led leadership, positive culture, and long-term growth.

What is involved?

There are three stages, and all organisations have different needs when it comes to each phase. We work to serve those needs, and take our clients along the journey at a depth and pace that suits them, their goals and their vision.


Clarity – Uncover your core values and beliefs, understand your audience intimately, articulate your purpose and build your brand strategy.

Expression – Develop your brand voice, engage your team and build your visual language. This is where you build your identity, set aligned priorities for future activity, and learn how to implement your purpose practically and effectively.

Transformation – This is the lived experience of your brand and is indefinite. Strategies, communications and experiences are unique for every business and can involve digital and development, marketing communications, production, brand management, culture and leadership just to name a few. This is where you take action towards creating the potential you want to see in your people, your business, and the world.

How can you get started?

There are a variety of ways you can engage our services and build a valuable partnership.

For organisations just beginning on their purpose journey.

Whether you’re an established organisation or not, it’s important to go through the Clarity Phase in order for your brand and communications to be valuable for you in the long-term.

For organisations who have an established purpose, but are still on their way to embedding it throughout their practices.

We can help you embody your values and develop aligned strategies, expressions and experiences to support your goals and increase your impact. We’d recommend starting with Clarity or Expression Phases.

For purpose-driven organisations, who have completely embodied their values.

We work to nurture what you have created. Our brand builders, strategy, creative and digital teams are specialised in human-centric and mindful brand and communications to support your growth. We’d recommend starting with the Transformation Phase.

For organisations or individuals who would like to take a more incremental approach.

We complete individual and short-term projects which align with your bigger vision and build a meaningful connection with your audience. We also offer workshops and courses in the different areas of Conscious Branding.

Other ways we can help…

build your brand

Interested in partnering with us to increase the impact of your brand and ensure it’s contributing to a positive future for both your business and customers? We work with leaders and teams to develop strategies, brands, culture and experiences that have a meaningful impact. We build brands from the business-out using our Conscious Branding approach to ensure long-term value for you and those you serve.

grow your capacity

Interested in getting our support to learn how to embed and strengthen purpose and unlock full potential in your business? We design and host brand workshops, host talks and provide brand builders for one-on-one guidance.

innovate for change

Have a problem you need solved or an initiative you need executed? We love to innovate and ignite initiatives that embed humanity in business, amplify purpose and contribute to growth. We help companies find new perspectives and insights through design thinking.