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building a brand?

As your organisation, your team, your product or service and your audience grow and evolve, so too should your brand. To ensure the shared vision and values that started this journey are still inspiring passion and actively driving your organisation towards growth and purpose, a strategic review is often necessary.

Sometimes this requires a quick check-in and re-evaluation of the brand’s ‘goal posts’ to ensure they are still aspirational and future-focussed, other times it means a change in direction, or repositioning of the brand to account for new audiences, technologies or competitors entering the market. In each case, the first step is being very clear on where you are right now in this moment, which is best done through a Brand Diagnostic.



“We were really impressed with the level of detail and valuable insight the Brand Diagnostic provided. The report helped us understand where the potential gaps and opportunities were within our existing brand and how it is contributing to the future vision we have for the company. The recommendations have helped us to better understand the direction of where to invest our time and money moving forward to achieve the best impact and future growth.”

Julian Giles

National Sales Manager, SAFries

What is a Brand Diagnostic?

Brands that make an impact start from the inside-out. They align what they believe (purpose and values) with what they say (visual and verbal communication, and story) and what they do (promotion, products, services, initiatives and experiences).

Our Brand Diagnostic is a review and analysis of the entire context surrounding your brand today. It explores your current brand strategy, organisational goals, brand identity, visual and verbal language, online environment, marketing, audiences and competitors; identifying gaps and opportunities for realignment and brand growth.

If you have strategic objectives involving your brand, this is a key first step in gaining visibility and understanding the scope of change required.

“Thank you to Mezzanine, who recently conducted a comprehensive brand audit for our organisation. The process was professional, thorough, consultative and detailed and I would highly recommend Mezzanine to any business wanting to capitalise and improve their brand. Mezzanine was sensitive and understanding of our unique needs and the recommendations and strategic direction have been communicated clearly to leadership. We are excited to see our organisation flourish with a new, clear brand direction aligned with our broader strategic goals. Thank you again.”

Lucinda Gray

Director of Development and Community
St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation Ltd

Why a Diagnostic phase?

It is our responsibility to you to ensure you are investing wisely in your brand and marketing, and therefore we won’t recommend projects to an organisation without this clarity first. Our Diagnostic phase ensures we have the bigger picture and can provide strategic recommendations for where to invest your time and money. Without this clarity, you may fall into the trap of making decisions only based on short-term wins rather than long-term growth. Once we’re clear on your context, we can provide a plan that will support both.

What’s involved?

It takes around 3-4 weeks and requires an investment of time from you to collaborate with us. Upon engagement, you will be sent a Request For Information (RFI) document which you’ll be required to complete as best you can, along with sending through any relevant information and documents. You will need to be available to collaborate during the Diagnostic phase to ensure the best outcome for your organisation.

What will I get?

At the end of the process, you will have a Brand Diagnostic report that clearly documents the gaps and opportunities within your current brand, as well as recommended next steps to use as a roadmap for where to invest your time and money to achieve the most brand value and future growth for your organisation moving forward. We can present this to your leadership team, answer questions and help to create alignment.

What does it cost?

The Diagnostic reviews start from $4,900 ex.gst.

We also support NFP’s by offering a reduced rate, if this is you, get in touch


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