Marketing Communications & Insight with Jemma Bowman

Have a voice

The market’s never been more saturated and you’re not gonna get a voice there if you’re talking about yourself in narrow terms, just in terms of what your product is and what it does for people. You need to be talking about and what that delivers and what that gives people and even deeper and then how they’ll feel, and that’s when you’ll start to have a voice and if we can make that match who you truly are, that’s when it gets really powerful and exciting.


Luke brings a lot of energy, everything’s possible with Luke, you can work out how to get there later. Nikki is amazing at making us really think why people are doing things. The creative team, there’s Shelly who’s great at drawing and illustrating, Jess who’s really good at understanding people. They all bring their skills to it. None of them are interested in designing for the sake of it, they all want to make something that makes a difference.

Distilling ideas

I mean it’s a cliché that the best ideas are simple but it’s very often the case, that you’ll start with lots of research, lots of thoughts, lots of ideas, lots of directions you could go into, and we’ll distil it down into an idea that often it’s so simple that the client thinks to them self “well of course!”. But you can’t get to that process without all the different ideas and energy to start with, and then you bring that together and there it is.

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Digital Experiences with Dom Sammut

We work with some really awesome clients and have some really hard challenges that get presented to us and sometimes you don’t even know how we’re gonna sort them out, but we often come up with some really innovative solutions.

An honest message

My programming has to be converted into a succinct message, an honest message, and customers do respond to that because it’s almost like a friend’s talking to them, and you’ve gotta be direct with them, you wouldn’t have a friend lie to you and we feel that’s the same with marketing. And this is what cuts through the digital noise in my opinion.

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Conscious Design & Communications with Jess Aquilina

Shape and symbol are a very powerful language and I’m really interested in the way that they flow and create engagement.


Working with the client and their customer is really collaborative and that really has a positive impact on my work. My process and the way I go about a project is understanding where the client’s customer is within their journey. It’s like a moment in a story and if I can really understand that, that’s where my ideas come from.

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