Salvation Army Australia, australian country home with family talking in front yard

Salvation Army brings stories of real Australians to life

Thank you for the mention Mumbrella! We loved being a part of creating The Salvation Army Australia's Christmas campaign. It is a privilege to help share their story intertwining with the lives of many. This time of year reminds us that it is most important to give beyond ourselves and lend a hand in our community.

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Want to do incredible work? Connect individual purpose to organisational purpose – Part Three with Make Do Co

Maybe you know that people are increasingly supporting meaningful businesses in how they shop and where they choose to work. Or maybe you heard that in 2015, meaningful brands around the world enjoyed increased sales, better brand awareness and higher annual returns than other companies. Or maybe you are sensing that the people who work for you are increasingly motivated by the aim to make the world more compassionate, innovative, and sustainable. There’s no doubt about it. Purpose is important. But how does a company go about defining its purpose?

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Donna Burrell, Hunter Design School, Purpose Driven Education, Mezzanine Find Your Possible Podcast Ep07

Find Your Possible – S1E7 feat. Hunter Design School – Changing Education and Finding Potential

In this episode we chat to Donna Burrell from Hunter Design School. Donna is passionate about changing education and helping students find their potential. By validating the creative seed within them; encouraging them to be self-aware and courageous in finding their own path in life, they realize that it is okay to think differently and not just to do what is expected of them.

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Woman with long hair standing in a field as the sun sets

Discovering Your Purpose Without the Angst – Part One with Make Do Co

What has longing got to do with work? Everything! Your instincts are the window into finding work you love and – if you so desire – creating a business with meaning. It’s not about finding work nirvana – a place where you’re ecstatic all the time – because the reality is that at times you will feel frustrated, at times you will get irritated with others, at times you will have to succumb to drudgery (especially if you do your own BAS statements!); but on the whole, you will feel content with the space you occupy, excited by future possibilities, and more often than not, you pack up at the end of the day feeling like you have achieved good work. Simply put? It just feels right.

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young boy running down a jetty

How do I cut through the noise of social media and find my voice? by Amanda Viviers

No matter how much I concentrate and switch off, there is one noise that cuts through... And I am so glad it does. The sound is that of my little boy Maximus... I am so finely in tune with his voice, that I cannot ignore it. No matter how far he is from me, I cannot un-hear him. It surprises me so often, how many businesses do not have a sharp clarity in their online voice and struggle to express the simplicity of their point of difference in our social media saturated culture. Social media is fast and cheap, so it is easy to saturate your feed with anything and everything in the pursuit of quick instant gratification. Most times when I sit with a client, they begin to explain what they are needing and eventually we get to this question. How do I cut through the noise of social media and find my voice?

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Donna de Zwart, Fitted For Work, Women in the Workplace, Working Women, Gender Equality, Mezzanine Find Your Possible Podcast Ep05

Find Your Possible – S1E5 feat. Fitted For Work – Championing women in the workplace

Donna believes in a collaborative leadership approach, and encourages a sense of fun and creativity. She understands from a personal perspective how important it is not only for a woman to experience the dignity that work brings, but also how employment impacts family, the wider community and the growth of the Australian economy and society as a whole. Today we talk about the importance of creating shared value in business, self-awareness and managing through change.

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Conscious Capitalism Australia - Hunter Launch

Conscious Capitalism Australia Launches in the Hunter

Conscious Capitalism Australia (CCA) is the latest establishment to recognise the Hunter region as an incubator for good business, and we’re proud to have been a part of their launch here in Newcastle. We’re all about integrity in business and elevating humanity through our work, so finding the CCA community was like the yin to our yang.

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Are you empathetic? Check your energy

One thing I’ve noticed over years in business is that empathy is seriously lacking from most workplaces. Other people’s behaviour is a reflection of their context, it has nothing to do with you. Go stand in their shoes and you will see. You don’t have to agree in order to empathise. Maybe if we could stop and see what our colleagues see we’d be a little less inclined to judge and start building better cultures.

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I2A – Intentions 2 Actions with Karen James

Transitioning a purpose or mindset into a habit is a very difficult task. It takes a lot more than intentions to make that happen. I feel so strongly about how important intentions and actions are, that I wrote about intentions twenty-six times and actions thirty-eight in On Purpose. Not to be repetitive but to illustrate the so many variables impact our ability to live a life of and on purpose. Here is a bit from On Purpose – be patient in the read as it has been selected on purpose. We have to include everyone in our intentions and then make sure we act for all of them – not just one. And remember, profit is an outcome…

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Siobhan Doran, Conscious Capitalism Australia, Purpose Driven Business, Ethical Business, Ethical Brands, Mezzanine Find Your Possible Podcast Ep03

Find Your Possible – S1E2 feat. Conscious Capitalism Australia – Redefining business with purpose

Hey guys, welcome to our second episode of Find Your Possible. In this episode, we chat to Siobhan Doran from Conscious Capitalism Australia. Siobhan is the Executive Director of CCA and she’s been working hard to connect the purpose-driven community in Australia to bring higher purpose and ethics into business. We talk about redefining business for the future, the four tenants of building a conscious business and the personal journey of purpose. She also shares her tips for companies just starting out on a more meaningful journey.

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Simon Sinek, Start With Why, Clarity of Why

clarity of why, discipline of how + the consistency of what with simon sinek

Purpose will always be the foundation that we continue to build our business upon. We love that Simon Sinek's writing also aligns with this value and below you can read more about the importance of partnering your WHY, with HOW and WHAT, to give you a kickstart on your journey within this Conscious Business movement that is spreading across the globe.

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