I2A – Intentions 2 Actions with Karen James

Transitioning a purpose or mindset into a habit is a very difficult task. It takes a lot more than intentions to make that happen. I feel so strongly about how important intentions and actions are, that I wrote about intentions twenty-six times and actions thirty-eight in On Purpose. Not to be repetitive but to illustrate the so many variables impact our ability to live a life of and on purpose. Here is a bit from On Purpose – be patient in the read as it has been selected on purpose. We have to include everyone in our intentions and then make sure we act for all of them – not just one. And remember, profit is an outcome…

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Strap in with karen james

Strength of character and accepting that you are the leader of your own life must be the starting point, otherwise your purpose – your why – is simply sitting on quick sand. You could be sold a new truth. You and only you are accountable. This is why we must challenge and change the way we define leadership. Put simply and told so many times – we are all leaders. It will be this mindset that solves the seemingly intractable issues facing our world. I would like to share an extract from my book, On Purpose, that speaks to this idea.

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