Does your brand have a heartbeat?

Your brand pulse is always sending out important messages about your business.

Are you thriving? Are you genuine? Can you be trusted? Do you show up in alignment with who you say you are?

People intuitively assess your brand pulse every time they interact with your business, and ultimately, it’s these feelings that determine whether or not they do business with you.

Just like human health, building a healthy brand is not something that can be done every now and then, or solved with a magic pill, one promotion or campaign. It’s the ongoing attention and investment you give to nurturing these vital signs that over time establishes and improves the health of your brand.

When your brand has a strong, healthy heartbeat, people notice and lean in. Similarly, when your brand is flatlining or showing low vital signs, people notice and back away. There’s a certain energy that comes when a business has had the courage and self-awareness to pay attention to their brand health consistently. When you peel back the layers and look closely at who you are as a business and why that matters to people, and act on it consistently, you start to come to life. Growth becomes easier.

So, does your brand have a strong heartbeat? Here are six signs your brand is likely thriving:

1. You know why you exist beyond making money

Brands with meaningful purpose, those that understand how they are making people’s lives better, have a strong foundation for health.  This signals that you are here to serve others and are not just self-serving.

2. You know exactly who your brand is for, and understand their emotional needs

True customer understanding – knowing the profile of your ideal audience along with their emotional needs and drivers – strengthens engagement and connection. People come back because you’re adding value to their lives.

3. People talk about your company, not just your Founder

Investing in your brand builds trust in your business, not an individual. In order for a business to grow, people need to trust your future and where you’re going, not just your past.

4. You can describe why you are different in one sentence

It’s easy to articulate your value when you’ve done the inner work. You know clearly how you’re different and why that’s specifically valuable to the people you serve.

5. Your visual identity is consistent and reflects your values and difference

When you’ve taken the time to genuinely understand yourself and your customer, your identity is a true reflection of that. It intentionally engages your values and your audience, and it’s easy to be consistent because its innate and embedded.

6. You have no trouble engaging and attracting the right customer

You’re so clear on your audience and you’re bringing your unique value to them consistently, which means the right people are taking notice.


If you think it’s time to check your brand pulse, we can help. Click to get in touch and book in a free Brand Pulse Session with us to explore your possibilities for growth.

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