True Potential Starts From Within

Hunter Christian School kids in classroom with animated images and text, true potential starts within

We believe that every child holds infinite potential and with the right support, modelling, knowledge and skills they can believe in their own potential and strive toward achieving it. It is through experience, connection and community that we learn most about ourselves.

We knew that this is belief is the very core of Hunter Christian School, and we helped them uncover, express and transform their brand to reflect this (see more of the inside process here).

Below, is a look at one of the series of videos that can be viewed on their website and on our Youtube:

We see a future where every child leaves school knowing their innate worth, and equipped with the self-belief and emotional intelligence to live authentically.

We have the highest honour and the greatest responsibility, to nurture the light in every child, and to show them that light is the image of God within them. Every child holds infinite possibility.

Through Jesus and each other, we become ourselves.

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