Find Your Possible – S1E15 feat. Carolyn Tate – Uncovering purpose in life and in business

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Our guest today, Carolyn Tate, is someone Nikki’s really looked up to in our industry since she first discovered her. She was the first marketer Nikki ever heard to stand up against the industry and say enough is enough – there needs to be a better way.

It was Carolyn’s desire to see radical and much-needed positive change in the marketing industry that inspired her fourth book, Conscious Marketing. As one of the original founders of Conscious Capitalism in Australia, an accomplished Author, conscious marketer, founder of The Slow School of Business and self-professed ‘purpose-digger’ – Carolyn is more than qualified to talk about the positive impact of purpose in business. In this episode we chat about why she believes the pursuit of purpose both personally and at an organisational level is of the utmost importance.

Also a big thank you to Naut for the music!

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