Cultivating generosity with The Salvation Army Australia

Family at Home in the Outback, Salvation Army Australia

We’ve been working on a project that has got us thinking… How can we cultivate more generosity into our lives?

Empathy empowers our will and capacity to be generous

When we hear stories of people in their vulnerability, it connects with our own humanity, compels us to think beyond ourselves and wonder how we can contribute.

When’s the last time you sought out someone else’s story, built a connection or found an opportunity to serve?

Sharing real stories through The Salvation Army Christmas Campaign has proven to have a greater impact on people over the years. Every year we get to lead an incredible production with a big, passionate and heartfelt team. The Salvation Army are always seeking to give people a way to cultivate generosity through their many community projects.

As the giving season draws nearer, we’re challenging ourselves to go out of our way to think of and serve others. We hope you’ll join us!

Read more about the Campaign story here.


Mezzanine Shoots Video for Salvation Army Australia's Christmas AppealMezzanine Team Enroute to Salvation Army Australia Christmas Appeal ShootFilm Crew Shooting for Salvation Army Australia Christmas AppealMezzanine and Team Flying Out for Salvation Army Australia Christmas Appeal Shoot

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