Identity, Purpose & Values with Nikki Wright

I love being able to help people find their voice, I like being able to help them uncover who they are underneath all the layers, as people and as a business. I think our process here at Mezzanine is really unique, we believe many heads are better than one and so we bring everyone in together and everyone offers their unique perspective. What we really drive here at Mezzanine is empathy, empathy for people.

The modern customer is looking for honesty, transparency and they’re looking for people just to care about them and listen to them and inspire them with something. You’ve got a choice; you can contribute to the negative or you can add something positive to the world. In a world that’s really noisy and everyone’s trying to sort of get one-up on each other, I think we like to be quiet and we like to listen, and that’s where we find our best solutions.

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