Branding Project Highlights

It’s been a gruelling couple of months in lockdown for us here in the Hunter, and it’s starting to feel a little like Groundhog Day! Luckily, we’ve had lots of fulfilling branding and creative work to keep us focused and motivated. It’s been a while since our last project update – when you’re in the […]

Managing a rebrand rollout effectively: Part One

Many organisations have come out of the uncertain times of recent years with a renewed focus on building more meaning into their business and work – more often than not that involves identity, or rebranding work. In our strategy work with many CEOs and leaders, examining core purpose and values is a key first step, […]

Sunny Street – Foundations for Growth

Sometimes the most important changes aren’t beautiful or things you can see.   When Sunny Street won our $10k Project Grant in 2020, they had big dreams to expand their mobile clinic operations across Australia, and this meant getting the foundations right. Every leader in business understands the importance of good foundations. A business is […]

Does your brand have a heartbeat? Six signs your brand is thriving.

Your brand pulse is always sending out important messages about your business. Are you thriving? Are you genuine? Can you be trusted? Do you show up in alignment with who you say you are? People intuitively assess your brand pulse every time they interact with your business, and ultimately, it’s these feelings that determine whether […]

Collaborate for Success

Nikki Wright and Jess Aquilina from Mezzanine Collaborate for Success

What are brand and strategy workshops and why are they useful? We love workshops at Mezz – they’re a great platform for collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. To find valuable solutions you need to dive deep to uncover true insights, and that’s exactly what happens when you get a group of passionate people together for […]