Why purpose matters to marketing and growth: Part 3

brand partnerships

For some reason I inherited a trait of thinking I can do everything myself. Unfortunately, I see that this has also been inherited by one of my children. It can be mistaken so easily as resourcefulness and an ‘amazing capacity’ to get stuff done, but in truth, it’s a nasty little trait whose best friend […]

Why purpose matters to marketing and growth: Part 2

brand culture

Do you know what became all the rage during Covid lockdown? Sourdough and Kombucha culture growing. And I’m a fan. I had friends and neighbours drop loaves they had baked and jugs they had nurtured on my Covid-safe doorstep weekly. What sparked this generosity were two ingredients that Covid lockdown provided – time and love. Friends now had the time and care to invest in growing these little mouldy friends that would produce […]

Why purpose matters to marketing and growth: Part 1

Brand Growth and Purpose

Are you like me? You don’t own anything from Patagonia but for some strange reason you feel you should? Sure, it’s just a simple t-shirt (or sweater) with an even simpler logo, but there is something behind it that always intrigues you. Without following them on social or even receiving their weekly email, something just […]

Thankyou & Hello

It’s a strange feeling when someone says sorry, even when the apology comes from an act that was unintentional. For many of us, we simply say “that’s ok” and we move forward without much more thought. But an apology can be something not only received but reflected upon, and it this reflection that can bring […]

Thankyou & Goodbye

My personal favourite has been the body wash. Sure, it’s a little pricier than the others fighting for space on the shelves, but it feels like an investment – a better smelling me and a chance to show I care. For many consumers, Thankyou is a brand held in high esteem, providing a chance to […]