Building a website that will stand the test of time

What are the hallmarks of a website that stands the test of time? Functionality? Design? Content? Cost? Sure, these are valid measurements, but the biggest one is the hardest to measure – positive impact. Its result looks different to every individual, community, and organisation. It can be as simple as people helped, a metric used by […]

Inspiring employees to become brand advocates


“I look for the ones that are passionate about creating positive change; because you can always develop a set of skills, but you can’t teach character. I’ve found that going on this journey helps bring out the best in people, it gives them fulfilment and benefits beyond the financial profit. Which is exactly what intrinsic motivation is all about. It’s a win-win and it’s how we choose to do business. It’s the beginning of building a Conscious Brand.” – Luke reflects on our recent Purpose-driven Community Talk; this month we unpacked the topic, ‘Inspiring employees to become brand advocates’.

Read it, know it. See it, feel it.

More often than not if you want to communicate something that people ‘know and feel’ rather than simply ‘understand’, a visual is going to do that better than words.

Embrace the abrasion

Do you want any easy, cruisey, expected, common life? Then surround yourself with people that agree with you. Or if you’re looking to achieve something remarkable – in life, business or in a relationship – then challenge yourself. Embrace the abrasion.

Love and respect

On many occasions over the years, either in my head or, on the odd occasion, out loud I would say something along the lines of “You need to respect me more”. But unfortunately, in much the same way that a genie can’t make someone fall in love with you, you also cannot demand respect.

To the graduates of 2015

Congratulations to the graduating Design and Communication students of Newcastle University 2015.

Leadership, Culture & Meaningful Business with Luke Burrell

I love the story about the Wright brothers, they had nothing but a belief that they could do it. It’s similar to how we started Mezzanine. Cutting through clutter When you’ve got a clear purpose and meaning and you know who you’re talking to, I don’t think clutter and noise is a consideration. As soon […]

Marketing Communications & Insight with Jemma Bowman

  Have a voice The market’s never been more saturated and you’re not gonna get a voice there if you’re talking about yourself in narrow terms, just in terms of what your product is and what it does for people. You need to be talking about and what that delivers and what that gives people […]

Brands can change the world

Individuals can now do what companies used to do; Companies now do what countries used to do; What can you do? As communicators, we have the potential to change the world.