Sunny Street – Foundations for Growth

Sometimes the most important changes aren’t beautiful or things you can see.


When Sunny Street won our $10k Project Grant in 2020, they had big dreams to expand their mobile clinic operations across Australia, and this meant getting the foundations right.

Every leader in business understands the importance of good foundations. A business is only profitable if it has the right systems in place, a customer experience is only great if you’ve taken the time to truly understand your audience, a solution is only good if there are quality inputs, a brand is only powerful if there’s an insightful strategy behind it.

Same goes in life right? You can’t be your best without the sturdy foundations of sleep, healthy food, exercise and water.

Being a mobile operation, Sunny Street’s website was going to play a significant role in achieving their goals. We loved their passion and drive for having a positive impact locally across many communities in Australia and saw an opportunity to apply our strategic and practical skills to really help set them up for success.



User Experience and web development

A meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website that are most conducive to business success. When you design a webpage that’s centred on your user experience, you create a space that’s easy for visitors to access, understand and navigate.

For Sunny Street, it was about understanding the needs of their unique audience to develop better solutions and structure for the website. Things like; creating ease for the user by enabling a straightforward mobile clinic search that was more aligned with user behaviour; changing the structure of content so it had a clearer narrative and flow; and increasing the brand salience through a stronger use of brand elements and video. Reviewing the mobile experience to ensure it was user friendly was also important as Sunny Street’s clients are living on the streets and only have access to mobile. Today, any business would be crazy not to design a mobile-responsive user experience for their website, with well over 50% of web traffic coming from mobile for most businesses.

Foundations to consider for your website:

– Strategic intent – What is the purpose of your site? How will it support your business goals? How will it reinforce your brand?
– User experience – Do you know your customer journey, needs and behaviour when they come to your site? Is it mobile responsive?
– Content – Is it brand-aligned? Is it engaging and does it serve the user? Does it support your SEO efforts?


“Thank you kindly for all your work, and understanding our mission to provide accessible healthcare to Australians living in poverty. Absolutely exceptional.” – Dr Nova Evans and Nurse Sonia Goodwin, Sunny Street Founders


Google Analytics

Google analytics provides valuable insights that can inform your growth strategy. It gives you visibility in a number of areas that are key to success and helps you understand your customers so you can deliver better.

Like many businesses, Sunny Street hadn’t connected Google Analytics to their website when it was built, so this was something we did for them right away along with Google Tag Manager to allow them to start effectively collecting data. Over time the insights they gain will make it possible for them to continue to optimise the website to provide a better experience, build a compelling narrative and statistics from the data as evidence of their impact, and ensure their website is truly supporting their brand and business goals.

Google Analytics can give you important insight into:

– Where visitors are coming from
– The kind of content you should create
– Segmenting your customer base
– Creating and tracking effective campaigns
– Which social platforms to target
– Why visitors are bouncing off your site
– And too many more to list…

In business, it’s common to feel that there’s ‘not enough time’ to spend on the foundational work that we know will set us up for success in the long run. The insight, strategy, thoughtful planning and research you can’t see is harder to make time for now – but makes everything easier and more effective in the future.


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