Building brand trust with Baptist World Aid

Sponsoring a child is more than doing a ‘good deed’. Potential and current sponsors want the assurance that their donations are significantly driving change in the lives of these families in need.

We have found that capturing children’s stories across the globe, living with the opportunity and freedom that sponsorship provides them, has given sponsors trust in the Baptist World Aid brand, showing it operates with integrity.

With a focus on the belief of ending poverty and sharing the stories of transformation, we have been able to create highly effective communications and lasting brand trust. Because the messaging is so compelling and clear, Baptist World Aid use this content for 2 years at a time.

This year’s story was from Shanto*, a young boy from Bangladesh. Watch and listen to his story and how his sponsors have changed the course of not only his, but his family’s future.

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*Name changed for child protection reasons

Sponsor a Child with Baptist World Aid

Sponsor a Child with Baptist World Aid


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