Mezzanine media team 2016 Christmas photo

Mezzanine’s 2016

What a year! We’ve seen so much growth – in ourselves, the brands we are helping to build and in all of the people we serve.

We’ve met and worked with some amazing people and companies this year, helping them on their path to make their brand a conscious one. With our Uncover Workshop iOS app launch late last year, we added to the suite of tools available with the launch of the Conscious Brand Index in June this year. We’ve seen names like WorldVision, NIB, Nestle and the leadership team from the Lake Macquarie City Council use this online tool. If you haven’t already taken an assessment, we’d highly recommend you do to get a better understanding of how your company is currently positioned from a conscious brand perspective and some guidance on things you can do to help improve it.

Looking to give back to the community, we’ve joined the Conscious Capitalism Australia and New Zealand board to help develop and promote the organisation. We worked with them to develop the 2020 Conscious Capitalism Strategy and launch the new membership platform. A highlight was launching CCA in the Hunter region at our co-working space, INNX.

We also launched our Find Your Possible podcast this year and have already recorded our first 13 episodes! Look out for new episodes on our social media. We talk with inspiring leaders of change including Conscious Capitalism Australia, UQ Power, Fitted for Work and Deloitte and are looking forward to speaking to more inspiring businesses (like LUSH!) in the New Year. Be sure to have a listen over your Christmas break!

We relaunched our dear White Magazine this year as well, taking a risk to be truer to its purpose, to inspire, encourage and challenge couples to build a marriage as beautiful as their wedding day. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, redesign and restructure of editorial content, there was of course, a party! We love creating something that is bringing meaning back into that industry.

As a team, the year has been full of new experiences!

  • Shane travelled to Africa to photograph rural communities as part of an inspiring project for Baptist World Aid. He also went back later in the year to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of the 100% hOPE project.
  • Keira made her way to some of the poorest areas in India on a mission trip to bring hope and resources to the slum communities.
  • Travel has been a common thread as well; Dom and Mylan each found themselves on trips to Japan, a land full of old and new cultural experiences! Ryan went to the Czech Republic, Viv got engaged in Europe! Liz and Jess travelled to New Zealand, Nora got the opportunity to go back to her birthplace in Germany, Luke went to the USA for exciting meetings, Nikki went to the South Coast and Great Ocean Road, and Alice will be heading back to Sweden over the Christmas break!
  • Purpose 2016 was a blast. Luke, Nikki, Dom and Mylan went down to Sydney and there’s nothing like being in a room of people whom you could call your tribe. Doing good for the world isn’t exclusive to non-profits and charities anymore, it’s about any business taking responsibility for what they are putting out there.

We’d finally like to thank you for being a part of our year! Whether you’re our partner, friend, family, colleague, client or supporter we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2017.

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