Dr Eleanor Glenn, Co-Owner and Climate Change Communications and Engagement at Common Cause Australia, Mezzanine Find Your Possible Podcast Ep11

Find Your Possible – S1E11 feat. Common Cause Australia – How Empowerment Marketing is Changing the World

This podcast is for leaders of change, people who believe in a better future for business and want to build a meaningful brand and culture. In this episode I talk to Eleanor Glenn, Dr. of Climate Change Communications + Engagement, and co-owner of Common Cause Australia. 

I first came across Common Cause when Eleanor was running a workshop at the Purpose event in Sydney in 2015, and I remember thinking how brilliant she was. She was able to take a complex theory and break it down into a concept that people could not only understand, but actively contribute to in a matter of minutes. I was in awe from that day and set out to learn as much as I could from her.

Common Cause work to engage cultural values to create a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society. They help organisations understand why values and frames matter and how to use them to live their values and create a better world. I think today there’s so much transparency and expectations on business to really walk the walk, it’s important that we learn how to do that, which is why I love how practical the framework is from Common Cause.

In this episode Eleanor talks about the importance of values in creating a better society, the difference between inadequacy marketing and empowerment marketing, and she also steps us through an example of reframing so we can understand how it works.

Take a look at the values map referenced in the podcast here: common-cause-australia_values-map

Also a big thank you to Naut for the music!

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