Heidi Pollard, UQ Power, Conscious Leadership, Purpose Driven Business, Mezzanine Find Your Possible Podcast Ep01

Find Your Possible – S1E1 feat. UQ Power – Nurturing conscious leadership

Hey guys, welcome to our first episode of Find Your Possible.

You’re here with Nikki and Luke from Mezzanine. As you know we started the podcast to help people who are trying to embed more purpose into their organisations and build a meaningful brand and culture.

In this episode, we talk to the lovely Heidi Pollard from UQ Power.

Heidi has spent over 20 years uncovering what makes a great leader and coaches leaders to grow their unique brand and have a greater impact. She’s on a mission to nurture conscious leaders who inspire and influence others to unleash their strengths so they can love their work.

We talked about the current climate of transformational change in the world and the impact it’s having on business, workplace challenges facing leaders and what it takes to adapt to these challenges. I absolutely love her ethos and have learned a lot from our conversations, I’m sure you will too.


Also a big thank you to Naut for the music!

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