Does your brand move people?

‘A musician cannot move others unless he too is moved. He must of necessity feel all of the affects that he hopes to arouse in his audience, for the revealing of his own humour will stimulate a like humour in the listener.’  – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Brands are not what they used to be, because people are not who they used to be. We’ve evolved, we’ve grown. We’ve realised we want the things we interact with every day to add value to our human experience, not merely embellish it.

For brands to move people today, they too, must be moved.

By that I mean brands need to believe in something, to stand for something bigger than themselves, before others will stand with them. They need to believe, think, act and feel like the evolved human who has become their customer.

To do this, as a business you need to become acutely aware of yourself and those you serve. Cue self-awareness and cognitive empathy. You need to become intentional in the change you want to make. Look beyond yourself, purpose is not about you, its about others. Gaining clarity around this will provide you the freedom to see the possibilities – and today they are endless.

Just like humans, if a company is unaware of their truth, they will find themselves unable to grow and embrace a better future.

Does your brand move people?

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