Conscious Capitalism Australia - Hunter Launch

Conscious Capitalism Australia Launches in the Hunter

Dewitt Jones once said, “Don’t aim to be the best in the world. Aim to be the best for the world.”

These words represent something very close to the heart of Mezzanine. We are excited to be a part of pioneering a new wave of businesses that exist for more than just financial profit, that there is a way to turn the stigma of capitalism on its head and impart value and depth to every touchpoint.

On the 22nd of September 2016, Conscious Capitalism Australia (CCA) partnered with Mezzanine and launched CCA in the Hunter region.

Local businesses were invited to join in on the night through a common purpose, to see their business take part in the greater good of this world. Conscious Capitalism is a not-for-profit organisation that originally took form in the US, with CCA finding its beginning in 2011 with a few volunteers who organised the annual summit in Sydney. It was worth the push to bring the movement to Australia because CCA is about the ‘business world’ catching up to where the rest of society is going, with the meaning of success being redefined and becoming more about the influence you have as a business to touch the lives of the people around you. The brand and memberships were established within the time between then and now, leading onto the decision to knuckle down and cast vision over the future of CCA and what role it would play in the everyday lives of these values-led businesses.

Within the co-working space INNX on the West end of Newcastle, the night began with a delicious spread of food, accompanied with a glass of champagne or a bottle of some local Imbibe Living Water Kefir – the founder being one of the panellists. Other local names on the Q&A panel were CCA’s Executive Director Siobhan Doran (who Skyped in), Mezzanine’s Directors Luke Burrell and Nikki Wright, New River Leadership’s Naomi Nash, Common Cause Australia’s Eleanor Glenn, UQ Power’s Heidi Pollard, Imbibe’s Felicity Evans and OzHarvest Newcastle’s Neil Slater. Personal business journeys were shared with a side of insight into what it means to be a conscious business, the microphone was passed around to guests who wanted to unpack Conscious Capitalism’s four principles further (Conscious Leadership, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture and Higher Purpose). The new membership program was also introduced, with guests and panellists alike left to mingle for the rest of the night.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of CCA, click here.

Conscious Capitalism Australia - Hunter Launch, black feature wall with green text, people over profit

CCA Hunter Launch, people at event mingling next to a grazing table

See the full gallery of photos by Paul Walker on the CCA Facebook page.

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