The thing about collaboration

Like the perfect combination of salty sweet in a peanut butter and honey sandwich, collaboration can be a beautiful thing. When teamed with the right people who share similar drive and purpose to you, collaboration can push you to places you didn’t think possible, stretching and reshaping your perception of what is tried and true.

So, what takes a good collaboration to mind-blowing, the-future-is-limitless collaboration? It all comes down to the attitudes of those involved. How you ‘show-up’ to collaborate, in our opinion, is just as important as the final outcome.

Being open, respectful and vulnerable are to be key components to a successful collaboration. And while we’re at it – lose that ego! When we’re able to let go of our need for personal validation, we’re able to selflessly serve our clients, fellow collaborators and concepts deeper.

Having trust and respect for our fellow collaborators is generally a good place to start. Be a responder rather than a reactor. Be open to ideas, no matter where or who they come from. Sometimes ideas from people trained in different fields to us can act as an un-inhibitor, getting us to think differently about a process or way in which we’ve been taught to do things. And lastly, don’t take an idea off the table or, worse, commit to one unless you’ve tested it.

In recent months we partnered with Brian Daley of The Proverbials and Animals Asia to collaborate on a project for the ‘Let a Bear Shit in the Woods’ 2015 Campaign. From copywriting to coding, animations to linguistics, we all entered this collaboration with different skillsets, ideas, expectations and, let’s not forget, time zones. Collectively, we all shared the same drive, purpose and passion. You can check out a more in depth post on the technical challenges we faced and how we solved them here.

We wanted the best for the project and what seemed like a simple brief to start with, in actual fact took a lot of behind-the-scenes, boundary-bending hours to produce. There were unforeseen obstacles that challenged us but did not defy us. The outcome is something we’re all proud of, and makes the best use of our various skills. Collaboration, when done right, truly is a beautiful thing.

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