Finding home in the hum-drum

To-do lists sometimes have me feeling like there’s nothing more than the everyday hum-drum. Over this past week; I am reminded to take my place in ownership, giving each tick to my to-dos the meaning it always had. It is said that when you give, it will be given to you and I am beginning to see Mezzanine as more than a name I am associated with.

In my first few months of work here in Newcastle; my head was and still is buzzing with learning more about craftsmanship, strategy and attention to detail, but around a month ago the buzzing came to a halt. How can I contribute something more than what is simply asked of me? Like any home, there are many ends to make meet and I decided that I want to be one of them because I am for what we do and how we do it. Its something I knew after my first Skype call with Luke while I was still based in Perth, that my values aligned with theirs as individuals and as a conscious branding company. So I moved interstate to work here because I knew it was a business that was onto something really meaningful. Yes, Mezzanine would grow me in my craft, but I knew that it could be a home too.

I love that I am not alone in this sentiment. Our team takes care of each other and in doing so, we are able to serve our clients with this kind of commitment. The kind of truth and purpose you offer your nearest and dearest is the kind we aim to harness here. It continues to change the way we think as a team and as a service that we offer. Our clients adhere to this value and we have seen their audience respond with the same kind of loyalty. Companies that value working from the inside out are changing the way business is done; Employees that feel taken care of are empowered to add to an even stronger collective.

Work is no longer a place to simply do what is required of you but a home where you are seen and heard, where you become a positive influence that does their part and more without thinking twice about it. How often are we disheartened when a CEO or ambassador of a brand doesn’t actually live what they preach? Integrity and ownership needs to be brought back to the office along with marketing ­- Today’s customer is asking for it.

It feels fluffy to say that this is the beginning of something that is changing our industry and world… but it is and it starts from home.

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